The “Grodzka Gate ‐ NN Theatre” Centre

The “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre is a local government cultural institution based in Lublin. In its activities, the Centre draws on the symbolic and historical significance of its residence, the Grodzka Gate, also known as the Jewish Gate. The Gate used to be a passage from the Christian to the Jewish part of the city, a meeting place of various cultures, traditions and religions.

Especially recommendable when researching the history of Lublin in particular, Poland and East Central Europe in general:

  • Leksykon Lublin: containing a comprehensive collection of encyclopedic entries on biographies, place-biographies, historical events, strike movements, urban history key words, street-biographies and much more Lublin (and beyond)-related articles.
  • Biblioteka mulitmedialna: impressing collection of oral history relations on Lublin’s/Poland’s (everyday) history, a magnicifent iconography-archive, as well as relevant Lublin-related publication open access.

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